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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Basic cooking with herbs

Midland Daily News - Basic cooking with herbs

What a great article on some basic cooking recipes using herbs.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Herb Garden Tips

Herb Garden Design And Kitchen Garden Tips

Found this great article that teaches us how to start and grow a herb garden, really useful stuff!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Exotic herb anyone?

Vegetable love

Have you heard about the papalo? It is a herb similar to cilantro. People are paying $100, now that's alot of money for herbs. Here are some photo of the Grant Park under an urban gardening program named Growing Power, where the herbs are planted.

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Turn your lawn into a herb garden

Herb lover adopts lawn-gone philosophy

What a great idea isn't it? A couple in Ottawa turned their lawn into a herb garden, besides looking wonderful, it saves from having to mow the lawn, killing two birds with one stone. Ingenious!

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Successful Herb Garden enthusiast to speak

Avena Botanicals founder to speak - VillageSoup Belfast

Listen to Deb Soule, a successful herbalist who has managed Merryspring's Herb Garden for 20 years. She will be giving a talk on the what's happening today in world of herbs. Try to make it if you can.

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A little fresh herb can go a long way

A little fresh herb can go a long way / Cleaned, dried, stored and frozen, garden sprigs can flavor anything

Found this neat article on how to harvest, use, prune, keep and package our most common herbs. Interesting read indeed.

Basil. Chronicle photo by John StoreyMint. Chronicle photo by John StoreyRosemary

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Learn all the multiple facets of herbs

Beacon Journal | 07/15/2006 | Garden experts eager to answer your questions

Interested to learn more about the many uses of herbs, including culinary, aromatic and medicinal uses? The Garden Day at Seiberling Nature Realm in Akron will introduce all particpants to many aspects of gardening, including herbing. The date of the event is on July 23. You will also get to see displays of herb crafts, and sample herb tea in the garden. Don't miss it!

of the event is on July 23. You will also get to see displays of herb crafts, and sample herb tea in the garden. Don't miss it!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Growing a herb garden in a small space

Won't we all like to grow a herb garden in our own backyard? But due to space contraints, not all of us can have this luxury. Have you thought about growing herb in containers? Garden designer P. Allen Smith teaches how to grow herbs using your Strawberry Jar and the Pizza Pot. Check it out the video here as well:

Tips for growing a herb garden in a small space - Home & Garden - MSNBC.com

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello fellow herb garden enthusiasts

Hello Everyone - I look forward to bringing you the latest herb garden news

Speak soon,